One day, a friend of mine invited me to come along to this photoshoot he was talking about. “This person I know has about 60 Citroëns on his property, some kind of abandoned, some really nice”, he said. Intrigued, I said yes and we drove my Volkswagen Beetle there. It was only about 15-20 minutes.

When we arrived, I was stunned. He definitely didn’t lie about the 60 Citroëns! We entered the property and there were just cars from left to right, front to back. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this many Citroëns together, let alone classic Citroëns. I could see a DS, XM and various other models I couldn’t even name! We got a tour from the owner’s son around the entire property. Rare vehicles (like a Citroën Xample), thousands of car parts, some cars in the process of being restored.. just crazy to see!

Although some of these cars have been left to rot or have been stripped completely, most of these cars are being restored on the property, like the white DS which is in the air on one of the photos. Most have been rescued from the scrapyard or people who wanted to get rid of them and are awaiting to be fixed up and sold. I’m very thankful to have had the opportunity to do a photoshoot here. I think the photos turned out awesome!